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Health & Safety

UPDATED AS OF 08/12/20 
The wellbeing of our guests and team members is our highest priority. We are ready to welcome you and your family and we would like to share some of the steps we have taken to ensure the well-being of our guests and team members.

In response to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission in certain states within the United States, and to protect New York's successful containment of COVID-19, New York State has joined with New Jersey and Connecticut in jointly issuing a travel advisory for anyone returning from travel to states that have had a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19. At this time there is an ongoing list of states that have had an increase number of Covid-19 cases and have been put on the travel restriction list. Please visit the New York State DOH website by clicking HERE to see if this pertains to you and your travel party. If you are coming from one (or returning from one) of the states listed, you must follow all instructions on the NYDOH Travel Advisory page.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Our team has implemented enhanced sanitization protocols across the motel, developed with guidance provided by local health authorities, the CDC, AHLA Safe Stay guidelines and other governmental agencies. The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting the motel, with additional focus on high-touch surfaces such as the front desk, door handles and lobby, has been increased to ensure a clean and safe environment for our guests and team members. This elevated approach extends to the cleaning and sanitation processes within our guest rooms and lobby, as well as team member service areas.

Hand Hygiene, Face Coverings and Gloves

Proper and frequent hand washing remains one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of germs. Our team members are required to properly wash their hands hourly and immediately after doing such things as sneezing, touching their face, cleaning, entering or exiting guest areas and before and after a shift. We have made hand sanitizer readily available throughout the motel to assist with hand sanitation when a sink is not readily available.

Each of our team members are required to wear masks when unable to social distance by 6ft; due to governmental requirements, guests are also required to wear masks when in enclosed public spaces or when they are unable to social distance (by 6ft). Gloves and masks will always be worn by continental breakfast team members when preparing food or drinks; other team members throughout the motel may also be required to wear gloves depending on duties and recommendations made by the CDC.

Well-being Checks

The New York State Department of Health requires that we screen employees when they arrive at work. Visitors entering our establishment can also be screened. People whose responses to screening questions indicate they are sick, or who show visible signs of illness must be denied entrance and instructed to isolate. Screening visitors may consist of self-screening and a temperature check if we feel there is a reason to be concerned.

Physical Distancing

Guests are advised to practice physical distancing and maintain a space of six feet apart from others, our team members will be doing the same with lobby and service areas reconfigured to assure a safe space between team members. The tables in our lobby and outdoor dining areas have been reconfigured to allow proper spacing for diners during continental breakfast and team members with enhanced sanitization and social distancing protocols provided by enhanced sanitization protocols across the hotel, developed with guidance provided by local health authorities, the CDC, AHLA Safe Stay guidelines and other governmental agencies.

Guest Rooms

We have enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols for our guest rooms to include the use of institutional cleaning products provided by Ecolab and standards which meet recommended guidelines and are approved for use against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and blood borne pathogens and with particular attention to high-touch items and surfaces within the room. All bed linens and towels are removed from the room between guest and washed with professional laundry detergents provided by Ecolab in a commercial washer.

In Room Dining

To further ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members, continental breakfast can be brown bagged by our staff and delivered to your door.

Services & Amenities

The city, state and federal health and safety measures we've adopted mean that some of the regular services and amenities we normally provide may differ from what you've experienced in the past or is communicated on our website. Please contact us with any questions you may have.